Nakisa Emrani Psychotherapy - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Beverly Hills-West Hollywood Psychotherapy-Marriage Family Therapy- individual, couple, adolescent, children counselingAwareness
At times, painful feelings or challenges in life can hinder us from feeling happy, capable, and empowered to live our lives to the fullest. During these times, the support and guidance of a caring professional can make a difference
I will provide and facilitate the development of a non-judgmental, and empathic therapy environment. In this fashion, your exploration of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and their underlying meanings are fostered. Through our interdependent and supportive relationship, you can feel safe to explore, increase self awareness, clarity, and become more insightful of your individual and familial patterns and coping styles which affect your daily life. You can feel empowered to choose to continue or learn to adopt new ways that lead you towards an improved life and a stronger  sense of self.
Nakisa Emrani, MFT
Beverly Hills Therapist
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